Publishing Profits

Stop struggling to:
Self publish your book.
Make your book look professional. 
Position your book to be successful.

Learn how to self-publish a book with a better understanding of where self-publishing stands today, the benefits of self-publishing, the book publishing process, and what you need to self‑publish professionally.

*** FREE 47 page ebook included *** 
*** Taught by publishers *** 

Toni Henderson-Mayers

Hi, I’m Toni, and I created Publishing Profits to help people like you. This course is perfect for those struggling to self publish their book fast, in a professional way, with the correct information to position their book to be successful.

If you've always wanted to....

  • Self publish your book professionally. 
  • Generate an income from selling your book. 
  • Brand and market yourself and the book like a pro. 
  • Maximize the use of social media. 
  • Learn the business of publishing. 
  • Own your work every step of the way....

then this course is for you!

In this 12 module program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including: 

  • Here's Your Free 47 Page Ebook 
  • Start Getting Paid 
  • The Professional Look 
  • Why Not Traditional Publishers? 
  • Self Publish Your Book
  • Doing It Yourself vs Professional Self Publishers 
  • Using Social Media
  • Branding Your Book 
  • The Business of Publishing 
  • Marketing The Book & The Author 
  • TV, Radio, Awards & Promotions 
  • Own It 

Publishing Profits is now open, and I invite you to enroll today!


Toni's online classes are so practical and easy to follow. I highly recommend her courses!
Meredith Langsford