An Opportunity

Everyone will experience good times and bad times. It's what you do in the bad times that will determine what happens when times get better. Far too often people focus on surviving rather than thriving.

Times may be tough right now, but don't miss your chance to turn it around. It's in challenging times we find..."An Opportunity".

Toni Henderson-Mayers

Hi, I’m Toni, I created the event, "An Opportunity" to help people like you. Now a course, it is perfect for those struggling to see and make the most of the opportunities presented to them in their lives. What could you be doing with your money, business, family or spiritual life right now? Take this course for specific information on what you could be doing right now to propel yourself; even in a challenging time.

If you always wanted to.....

  • Turn an opportunity into a money making enterprise. 
  • Set and accomplish your goals 
  • Brand and market yourself like a pro. 
  • Maximize the use of your gifts and talents. 
  • Own your own business.
  • Get things done.

then this course is for you!

In this 12 module program, some of the top innovators and influencers come together in this course to include everything you need to know, including: 

  • Create authentic followers by being yourself.
  • Secret to fixing your past without fixing it.
  • Learn the art of thriving in a crisis rather than surviving.
  • Maximize your gift.
  • Build resiliency skills.
  • Increase tenacity awareness. 
  • Develop positive relationships.
  • Discover life changing opportunities in your career or business.

"An Opportunity" is now open, and I invite you to enroll today!


TV/Radio Relationship Expert, Author & CEO of Word Therapy Publishing, LLC & Alphabet Theater Workshop
Toni Henderson-Mayers
International Multi-Award Winning Bestselling Author, Evangelist & CEO of Planting Positive Seeds
LaDonna Marie
Licensed & Ordained Evangelist & Author. Founder of Sister Circle
Wendy Key
Holistic Wellness Life Coach, Author, Professor & Sponsor of school and orphanage in East & West Africa
Dr. Annette West
Business Identity Strategist, Certified Coach for John Maxwell Team & Owner of MyIdentityDrivenLife, LLC
Lekeshia Mosley